The Breakfast Room

A great thanks to Carl van Zyl (structural engineer) for advising and afterwards, certificating the concrete slab over the breakfast room. It was in this space where the nightmare in my mind haunted, especially being full of building rubble and material, a crack in the wall and the blue sky still shining through where the linking new technology concrete slabs over the sculpting studio and other rooms were to be constructed.

But in the end also here, fun persisted, especially installing long horizontal mirrors immediately underneath the cladded ceiling and framed below with special reclaimed wall sconces (a present from Breakers Demolition in Johannesburg). This mirror effect subconsciously contributed to a feeling of space … an idea I learned about some years ago when supervising the production of an educational TV programme on the use of interior mirrors. Coming from Johannesburg and bringing with me a paranoia regarding safety, only small castle windows were added to this space … which could have made this space too dark. To compensate for this, three skylights were built into the concrete ceiling and the inner boxes filled with mirrors … this ensured that especially late afternoon the setting sun would happily shine inside this space.

The breakfast room soon became the special social space of swallows, guests and many visiting pets.