Starry Night



The idea of creating the inner of the auditorium came while I was on holiday with my beloved, frail mother in Crystal Springs, not far from Graskop … and I dedicate this space to her.

Starry Night

Creating true enchantment was the main aim. It started with shaping a star-filled night sky by installing 300 optical fibre light cables of different lengths and thicknesses and linking all to a strong LED light in a black box in the middle of the ten-meter-high ceiling. Easier said than done, but eventually, the shooting of Hilti nails (it was a little war zone for some time … multiple explosions inside a large enclosed area!) into the concrete ceiling was completed to enable attaching the fibre lines.

New Jerusalem

Using as reference a plate from a massive Bible dating 1878 (Artist: G DORE) I painted a mural of the New Jerusalem against the wall of the stage (some sections included gold leafing). This served as backdrop for a life-sized sculpture of a smiling Jesus.