The Ruby

Constructing the smaller front garden pond gave me enough experience to attempt the plunge pool in the Ruby, but not before the very intricate system of sewage, rain water piping,  pool piping and electrical conduits were completed.

This space started off without roofing, with a private entrance at the back of the property. However, soon and because of typical Graskop weather conditions, this turned out to be impractical. A corrugated iron and fiberglass roof was added and an entrance from the inside of the castle broken through. Only then did it become possible to add the now familiar features of the Ruby, like the Arabic type curtains and pelmets as well as Arabic wording like “Love” and “Mistress”. More stained glass windows followed, together with a humorous, mirror sculpture of a giraffe.

Extensive use was made of mirrors. Firstly a very small toilet space was optically enlarged to infinity by installing mirrors in all spaces. Humour was added by adding a clown’s face with closed eyes (to not view what was going on below), a tiara that “fits” above the head when sitting down on the toilet chair, as well as optical fiber lights all around this tiara … to give a magic, royal feel at night when sitting down on the throne. A final touch was to install a peeping duck on the outside of the see-through toilet ceiling.

Constructing the mirrored ceiling of the room in the Ruby posed an exciting challenge, but the final outcome remains pleasing to lovers.

A pair of bronze buttocks embellished the room. A penis fountain was sculpted as a fun water inlet into the plunge pool. Lastly, and in response to negative reactions from conservative residents about this fountain I added six vagina fairies hovering over the plunge pool.

Like other sculptures and features of the castle, this creation became environmentally friendly because the indoor garden area turned out to be ideal for the occasional guttural toad and, to the dismay of some guests, spiders. All the fun sculptures, together with these live creatures contributed to a natural selection or screening process making certain that only the adventurous were to enjoy the Ruby.