Smiling Sculptures

This was not done intentionally, it just so happened that most of the sculptures around the building (front and back gardens) are laughing or smiling …. a reminder of serendipity from the Universe, emphasising Joy. “The Man of Joy”, “Guardian Angel” and “Contented Smile” were creations that saw the light already while living in Johannesburg, and they simply stood in the queue when a decision had to be taken to embellish the garden with whatever sculptures were available. “Contented Smile” is for sale as a bronze sculpture …. check under Sculptures

Living in South Africa means that no bronze sculptures should be exhibited outside because of the possibility of being recycled for money. Most of the sculptures were cast in acrylic resin (thus water based). In the presence of rain, sun and wind, they erode. Unlike bronze sculptures they have a limited life span …. Maybe one can even say that that are slowly “dying” …  but what a delight to see that exactly because of the environmentally friendly substance from which there were cast, they develop into homes or playing grounds for many wild creatures.

(Click here Castle in the Mist 3: Smiling to view the third of seven short videos about the construction of the castle and other smaller sculptures).