Interior Decorating Art

I am eternally grateful to Tanja Beyers (Profurn Contracts, Johannesburg) for coming up with completely brilliant suite designs that included en-suite bathroom amenities, effective lighting and striking marble vanity tops of all five classical suites. Furthermore, she and Gi (her mother) in great detail selected paint colours as well as fabric colours (for scatter cushions and curtains) to match the themed antique furniture (For detail about Tanja’s brilliant word, check the suites in

A brilliant painting artist, Lilla Beukus, painted all the classical operas composers (added to the front of each suite door). Some suites were embellished with resin cast oval mirror frames that I sculpted and produced in the usual clay-master-silicone-rubber-mound-and-resin-cast-way. These frames were finished off to match the surroundings like the black with blue sparkles in the vanity marble or the bur-walnut veneer of a bed.

The Mozart Royal was further embellished adding classical designed sconces (using the same moulds used outside in the front façade) at the entrance of the suite as well as inside the bathroom in the middle tower. Together with a gentle sway of orange black-eyed Susans painted all around the bathroom wall, the stained glass Art deco-styled stained glass windows created a classy space where endless glasses of sparkling wine are enjoyed while sitting in a warm foam bath, with open windows and checking the beautiful nature outside or while the typical fresh Graskop mist rolls into the suite.