Food Art

I thank you Marwan Al Sayed for introducing me to the wonderful world of food. One could expect some or other benefit or satisfaction when designing and constructing a castle, but never in my wildest dreams could I have anticipated an opportunity to sculpt food. Only much later did I realise that there isn’t really a difference in preparing and making the food dishes and the more conventional art sculptures (like those in the front garden). Both forms of art have the same goal … that is, interaction with humans, offering a feeling of contentment, joy, delight and pleasure. In the case of the sculptures outside the castle, they slowly erode, and in the process, offer fun and function to humans and animals. The food sculptures have a much shorter life span as they are “devoured” within minutes. But it brings the same joy to prepare and create food sculptures, especially because of endless possibilities to play with colours and fragrances … and it allows more immediate and less expensive experimentation when current designs and recipes have reached the end of their life span.

Creating a conventional sculpture requires a lot of “alone time”, otherwise the sculpture will never be finished! However, creating food sculptures turned the tables around … it allowed vibrant “resocialisation ” through interaction with a great variety of food lovers from all over the world.