Dining Room

The dining room was another challenge as far as heights and working on a scaffold was concerned … and also a first as far as attempting a cladded ceiling … and the most scary of it all … being there when loyal assistants lifted a heavy Oregan pine beam into position immediately under the concrete ceiling. This does not cancel out the prior, very tedious job of stripping paint off lots of Oregan pine ceiling planks (dating about 1926), sanding them and eventually treating them with a magic oil-based coating.

The template for the 2 meter wide Art Deco mirror was first designed on paper. The subsequent cutting and finishing off of Masonite pieces was done on the then still raw concrete floor of the dining room. The fact that all mirrors eventually fitted like a glove into and next to one another is a mere miracle!

The African hardwood flooring tiles from various demolished 50’s and 60’s houses in Johannesburg offered a real challenge. They were of differing hardness … and sanding and finishing off could never achieve an ultra-smooth finish … in the end a blessing though, because, together with the miracle Woodock 25 floor sealer, the “old, used, uneven” look added to the aged but classy look I wanted to achieve in the castle as a whole.

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