The invigorating intellectual fitness so typical of achieving a Doctorate (in Psychological Anthropology, Rand Afrikaans University), the unfolding magic of exploring troubled human relations amongst employees on gold mines (Chamber of Mines, Human Resources Laboratory), the sheer delight of working closely with various artists in TV camera production teams (SABC, Manager: Educational TV and Radio Programmes), the sobering realization of humanity’s common predicament (offering inter-personal awareness programmes across cultural and racial boundaries) … all this made a profound imprint on a destiny to create for the sake of Beauty, Love and contemplation of Life.


Thus far, the biggest attempt to beautify was to design and sculpt a scale model and then, with the loyal assistance of many colleagues, build and decorate Flycatcher Castle (in Graskop, Mpumalanga, Republic of South Africa) along European-classical lines. Through this massive sculpture, incredible challenges to body, spirit and mind were faced. It inspired the depiction of a majestic Creation though human, bird and animal sculptures, but also the disgrace of humanity.


Through various experimental sculptures I persistently lashed out, only to realize that it was not the final answer to reach the mountain top. The weight of carrying a burden became too much so that eventually, like water plunging over the precipice of a waterfall, I ”crashed” into stillness when realizing that I am not even a drop of water in the Divine Waterfall … I endure ever changing, ephemeral exigencies of life, but always in the presence of temporal permanence without beginning and end …the Ultimate Sculptor. For the drop of water to stubbornly confront the waterfall in its attempt to move upstream is to live a life of what Dante Alighieri (1265 – 1321) coined 700 years ago: “Above you the celestial wheels are turning with eternal glory, but still you keep your eyes on the ground. In contemporary terms one can replace “ground” with “on your cell phone” … representing  ”your story, your ego, your illusions”.


(Click to view 2 short videos: Castle in The Mist: “Somewhere over the Rainbow” and “Undulating Journey”)


Artist Achievements


From 1997 to 2007, works exhibited at Everard Read (Hyde Park, Jhb), Crake (Norwood, Jhb) Steward (Parkhurst, Jhb) and The Loop (Whiteriver).


Since 2007, exhibit in own Sculpture Galley in Flycatcher Castle, Graskop, Mpumalanga.


From 1997 till 2007, many commissions amongst others, busts of prominent South Africans and historical figures, religious sculptures, commissions from the USA, as well as trophies.